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Best friends forever . since 2015

During my school exchange in 2015 I stayed for 2 weeks in a small village near Heinsberg called Gangelt, Funny enough it was not known by many Germans until 2020. I was accommodated by two host families, Cecilias family in the first week and Sabrinas family for the last week. I loved staying with both families. I felt home and welcomed and they are still special to me, we are still closely in contact with each other ever since.

I met Jenny in 2015 when her sister Sabrina introduced me to her, I was staying in their home for about a week, and that’s how we got to know each other. Jenny was part of the exchange program with Phoenix in 2011 and her sister Sabrina was my exchange partner now. The evening I arrived at their place we went out for the night to get some drinks. There I met another wonderful girl – Saskia – and she was an exchange student too. We all connected well like we knew each other for years and the connection and vibes were just so beautiful. We stayed connected and in contact ever since, the friendship lasts for over 5 years already. I always wished to revisit Germany to see all my beautiful and wonderful friends again and to explore more places in Germany.

My friendship with Jenny is so beautiful, when I think about it, it makes me smile. She is my best friend and funny how we got so close and she wasn’t my exchange partner, but we grow extensive love and a beautiful friendship. Jenny motivates me, she always make me smile and always has a caring and warm heart towards me and that is genuine friendship. I am blessed to have a friend like her. We never have dull moments together, we always make time to catch up with each other and make beautiful memories together. Saskia, Jenny and Sabrina revisited Cape Town after our exchange and we meet up a few times, I was happy to see them again it was magical, we had our funny moments together, full of laughter and joy. I remember we toured around V&A Waterfront at the Silo Hotel, as we wanted to exit from the elevator Jennys head was stuck between the doors, it was hilarious. We got tickets and went to Ed Sheeran’s concert, it was a dream come true, one of my favorite artists and spending that moments with wonderful friends was amazing.

I promised my friends back in Germany that I will be coming to visit them soon, either 2019 or 2020. I was working in a retail store in the year 2019 and tried to save up some money to revisit Germany.

A few months later Christelle from Dream Factory Foundation contacted me and informed me that I could apply to work in Germany. I then did my research and checked if the organization SageNet (South Africa German Network) was legit and how I had to apply. I contacted them at their office in Observatory. I kept everything a secret and did not inform anyone about the news and what my plans were. I went for an interview in Observatory and I had online interviews with the employers that would consider to hire me. Weeks went by and I finally got a response that they invite me to work in Germany for one year in a Kindergarten located in Rendsburg, which is in the far North of Germany, about 35 minutes away from Kiel. I was super excited that I got the opportunity to go, after four interviews and a motivation letter. It was tough, but I was dedicated through the whole process, because I wanted the opportunity to go back to Germany. I wanted to impact people’s lives and experience a deeper cultural exchange. I wanted to come back as a new person with a new perspective about life and for my next journey and goals. Now I want to expand my horizon and wish to study and become that social worker my community needs. Getting opportunities like this doesn’t always come to your door step, that’s why I always take the opportunity because it makes me grow and learn.

When I received the good news I immediately contacted Jenny, the moment was so beautiful – we were both so happy and excited that I’m actually going to Germany for one year. I arrived in Germany in August 2019, months after I met up with Jenny, Sabrina and Saskia and we went to the Oktoberfest – another dream came true, I always told the girls that I would love to join them and would love to wear a dirndl. It was so nice to experience one of Germany’s traditions. Jenny came to visit me in Rendsburg and we had good times together, we ate like Queens and travelled in the North, had hilarious moments in Bremen, I saw how crazy Germans are about soccer. Our moments together were so beautiful and I’m grateful to have a friend like Jenny.

Our friendship is just so beautiful, the partnership didn’t just connect people from different countries, and it has brought love, generosity and friendships. It has brought people together that would want to do more for others. We need more people like them in this beautiful world, where we aspire to make a difference and doing it in the most humble way. Thanks to every member of the Cape Town-Aachen Partnership: you are special and thank you for your service, love and for your passion.

Genevieve George

Hello, Mholweni, Hallo!

I’m from South Africa Cape Town and I’m 24 years old. I first got involved with the Cape Town-Aachen Partnership in 2014 through the school-exchange of Kreisgymnasium Heinsberg with my school, Phoenix High in Manenberg. Throughout my schooling I have been an active student that has been involved in numerous activities, whether it be educational or outdoor activities I would always grasp to opportunities. I have been a peer educator for Life Choices to being a motivational speaker for Dream Factory Foundation. Dream Factory Foundation has paved ground for me to achieve in many aspects in life. They have nurtured me to become the best version of myself: through Dream Factory Foundation, I learnt how to code and become an entrepreneur, sponsored by Google. I’m part of the SAAN Alumni and SAGE Net Volunteer, I recently came back from Germany after one year volunteer service. I have been abroad working in a Kindergarten working with kids age 1- 6 years old, my duties was mainly to speak English to the kids and to experience cultural exchange. I adapt easily to different environments.

“What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived, it is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.”

Nelson Mandela